The world is growing so fast, thanks to the Internet. It is giving a livelihood for many. Also it has already brought an era that is serving the needs of humans through online. Ranging from small stores to big entrepreneurs, all are taking the help of the Internet to reach the maximum possible audience. The most common medium is Web applications. As web applications are bringing profits to the business magnets, they have to equally maintain these web apps timely.

Testing plays the chief role before bringing the web apps into the light. Testing will help in assuring the long haul of these apps. Though there are several methods that can be followed for testing, yet Selenium is one such name that provides low-cost, efficient and easy testing service. Already automation testing has almost kicked-off the need of doing manual hard work in the form of manual-testing. Selenium is basically a test automation tool.

Selenium has all the good reasons to come into the limelight and sustain for long in the software testing world. Selenium itself is a set of software tools, each of which serves automation testing with a different approach. Though learning a whole suite of tools will prove fruitful in tackling different test automation problems. If you are into automation testing line or planning to make it one, we recommend you to have a good Selenium Training.

Selenium offers several perks of using it for testing web applications. Let’s have a quick look:

  • ROI – Higher Rate of Interest is assured with Selenium.
  • Less possibility of errors – Selenium assures as much less manual intervention as possible, which means it eradicates the chances of human errors.
  • Cuts down the test execution time – Using Selenium, we can execute multiple on various browsers and various machines. This way it cut downs the test execution time to a very high extent!
  • Records action – Seelnium saves the scripts and re-runs them whenever required.
  • Support multiple browsers – Selenium tests are able to run on multiple browsers.
  • Customized actions – As Selenium is an open source, this makes it easy for users to develop the customized actions.
  • 24*7 – Because it’s an automation testing tool or set of tools, one can do testing any number of times at any time.
  • User-friendly interface – This helps in creating and executing the tests easily and more efficiently.
  • Above all, Selenium is free of cost. One need not pay a hefty amount to get this set of software testing tools. It is free to download from online and support is free as well.

Only disfavor is technical and test management issues. But the rate at which it increases the efficiency of web application testing overcomes all the disadvantages.

Selenium is actually a package of different testing tools. There are mainly 4 such tools, each having its own definite role to play.

  • Selenium IDE – Used for recording, debugging and editing the selenium scripts.
  • Selenium Grid – It distributes the tests among various browsers and machines so as to facilitate the parallel execution of tests.
  • Selenium RC (Remote Control) – Used for running the tests across various browsers and systems.
  • Selenium WebDriver – It consists a number of Selenium APIs. This tool is the latest Selenium version.

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